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Meet the Faces behind the Facepainting Hub

Amanda Careford

I discovered a love of facepainting around 15 years ago and being a mum of 3, I was able to practice and gain enough confidence to set up my own face painting business in 2016.

I now trade as Blingmania and one of my biggest loves is discovering, learning and sharing brush and painting techniques with fellow artists.

This colourful sparkly industry has sparked a passion for knowledge and brush techniques that I am so excited to share with you...not just online but in person too. There really is nothing like learning from watching someone wield a brush up close in a classroom environment... with other like-minded professionals with the same passion for learning and creativity!

Elizabeth Gale

Based in Surrey with my husband and two children, I fell in love with face painting when my children were young. After face painting at my daughters 4th birthday party over 10 years ago, I quickly realised that I loved creating fast, clean and achievable ‘on the job’ designs that will impress!

I set up my own business Sparkleface Facepainting and never looked back!

I currently have classes on FabaTV and have been an artist rep for FacePaintForumShop, Blingmania and Essential Glitter balm.

I'm really looking forward to sharing my knowledge about this industry and showing you all the skills, tips and techniques that I have learnt along the way.