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Set of 5 Facepainting Hub Angled Brushes

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Set of 5 Facepainting Hub Angled Brushes (10% saving when bought as a set)

Synthetic, nylon, 100% vegan, with unique characteristics in that their retention, snap and spring back are all superb.

This range includes all 5 angle brushes, 2 XL brushes ‘Sedona’, (3/4” & 5/8”) and 3 in the Verona range which are a standard length (3/4”, 5/8” and 1/2”). You save 10% buying as a set.

These angled, flat brushes are easy to load, not too firm, and perfect for creating clean flowing strokes. They fit easily into all mainstream one stroke cakes and are perfect for creating flowing rainbows, ribbons, princess, florals, leaves, masks and butterflies…pretty much everything! They all have a really sharp, defined chisel edge, load and stroke beautifully on the skin.

We are very proud to have our brushes made in partnership with Rosemary & Co, a small British company that produces premium quality brushes without the premium price tag.

Rosemary and her team have been making quality artists brushes for over 40 years and we are thrilled that they are now making them with us!

Key Brush Features.

  • Expertly tapered nylon bristles, to create and maintain a really sharp chisel edge for face painting.

  • Narrow ferrules to help reduce overloading and then wasting of paint.

  • A natural, wooden, water resistant wrapped handle which helps prevent cracking and stands out in your kit.

See images for sizes.