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Guide to Perfect Stencilling

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Guide to Perfect Stencilling

Learn how to produce perfect stencils every time with this instructional video.

Using face painting stencils can be great line busters and a fun and effective way to add patterns, texture or a main focal point to your design, but they can be tricky to use if you don't know how! 

Do you struggle with bleeding paint under the stencil, muddy colours and can't get that crisp clean finish? 

In this video we show you the tools and paints to use, stencil techniques for simple shapes, stencilling with gradient colours and how to use those tricky double stencils. 

 Please note this is not a physical product!

This listing is for an instructional 10 minute video.                                  

Demo guide videos.

These are real time video and step by step guides to help you with the techniques and construction of different elements and designs for your facepainting.

All videos are in real time not sped up, they have been constructed slowly to help you understand each step.

There are many variations and alternatives to what we are showing you….more complex techniques, tips and tricks which you can learn either at the face to face classes or via live Zoom classes (max 4 people per Zoom class). For Information on Zoom classes contact

Practice and repetition is absolutely key to improve any technique or design, creating the muscle memory that will help you paint fast beautiful designs on the job.

Have fun and remember to tag us in your practice!

You will get a MP4 (49MB) file