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Onestroke Pirate Skull Template - Left Handed Version

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One stroke Pirate Skull - Left Handed Version 

Learn to paint a onestroke Pirate skull and finish it off with some cool, scary line work.

This really fast and simple pirate skull is a popular choice with boys and girls …just change up the colour of the bandanna to what they want. This easy step by step one stroke guide will show you how to create the one stroke shapes for a fast and effective pirate skull design, that will be sure to impress on the job!

Please note this is not a physical product.

This is a template for left handed painters. 

This listing is for a downloadable practice sheet of the onestroke shapes you will need to make a pirate skull and a sheet showing the final design. The practice guides are to be downloaded and printed in full colour.                                               

Digital template practice sheets.

These step by step guides are to help you with the techniques and construction of different elements and designs for your face painting.

They are hand painted guides, not edited or digitally enhanced so they will not look perfect, but they ARE a realistic view of what your strokes can look like with patience and practice.

There are many variations and alternatives to what we are showing you….more complex techniques, tips and tricks which you can learn either at the face to face classes or via live Zoom classes (max 4 people per Zoom class). Contact for more information.

You can use printable sheets as a reference, laminate them or use a clear practice board over the top and then trace over with your brush.

Practice and repetition is absolutely key to improve any technique or design, these guides will help you create the muscle memory that will help you paint fast beautiful strokes on the job.

Have fun and remember to tag us on your practice!

*copyright for all printable guides is owned by Facepainting Hub and they cannot be copied or reproduced in any format.

You will get the following files:
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