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Word Boards Or Face Boards?
Whether you're at a child's birthday party, a corporate event or a themed wedding, face painting adds a touch of magic and creativity to any gathering. When it comes to planning your face painting designs, you have a choice to make: should you use a ...
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My Journey Into Teaching - Amanda Careford
I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…..but there is no ‘magic’ brush or perfect onestroke paint OR tutorial that will transform your work overnight. (I know… gutted lol).There is no quick or easy route to having beautiful brush strokes or original ...
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Guide to Brush Cleaning
Our brush care routine:✳️Rinse in warm water (never past end of the ferrule…(metal bit).✳️Load with a good brush soap (if you have it ) or any unscented bar soap works well too.✳️Massage gently on lightly textured brush mat (I got one from primark).✳...
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