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Guide to Brush Cleaning

Our brush care routine:

✳️Rinse in warm water (never past end of the ferrule…(metal bit).

✳️Load with a good brush soap (if you have it ) or any unscented bar soap works well too.

✳️Massage gently on lightly textured brush mat (I got one from primark).

✳️Rinse well (never past end of the ferrule).

✳️Wipe handles.

✳️Shake off the excess water from bristles (gently reshape with fingers using bar soap if needed).

✳️Lay on kitchen roll overhanging the worktop till dry

✳️Gaze adoringly at their beauty before rearranging in the brush wallet (and then taking more photos 🤣)

Some dos and donts ….

❌Never leave your brushes standing in water it will ruin them very quickly.

❌Never pack them away wet, let them air dry flat or (upside ideally so any moisture runs out of the bristles not into the ferrule).

✅Always clean thoroughly after each job.

💗Be good to your brushes and they will be good to you and last!