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My Journey Into Teaching - Amanda Careford

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news…..but there is no ‘magic’ brush or perfect onestroke paint OR tutorial that will transform your work overnight. (I know… gutted lol).

There is no quick or easy route to having beautiful brush strokes or original OTJ designs.

It’s training, practice, effort and experience.

I absolutely 💯 endorse self teaching if you are self motivated and really determined … it’s exactly what I did… You Tube was my daily ‘tutor’ for my first year. … it was free….and I made great progress and started booking a few jobs.

But there were things I just couldn’t get right and after chatting with other local artists, I was recommended some classes to try and resolve those elusive techniques that were constantly frustrating me…..was it a turn of the brush?… the paint consistency? ….the paint??? 🤯 It was driving me mad…I was buying new paint, new brushes….looking for the ‘magic’ that I now realise didn’t actually exist.

WHAT an eye opener those classes were!! Being in a room full of like minded creatives and wonderful instructors that I could watch up close wielding their brush and who could then adjust MY technique AND broaden my perspective on what was possible with a single brush. Hands on, and in person tuition blew my mind! I was the sponge for 3 days(literally!) I soaked it all up…asked questions watched avidly and practiced non stop. I took class after class over the next two years with different instructors so I could see different techniques, hear different tips and learn new skills.

The speed of my learning curve went off the chart….I was so happy…but the techniques didn’t come over night. The absolutely crucial thing was that I knew where I was going wrong AND how to put it right. ….so I practiced and persevered…and it all gradually started coming together.

Now, I am the teacher… which blows my mind even more!

I don’t teach other peoples’ techniques, or designs, I teach skills that I have evolved over time that will help YOU create the designs you’ve always dreamed.

I am always learning and practicing and most importantly evolving as an artist…..and still taking classes too!

So can you. Let me help you speed up your learning curve. Join the Face Painting Hub, where everything is achievable.

Amanda x